ECI Awards is being introduced to Malaysian sellers

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ECI Awards is being introduced to Malaysian sellers

The E-commerce Innovation (ECI) Awards is founded by the International E-Commerce Innovation Association (IECIA)in the United States. The objective of this award is to encourage E-commerce players to be more creative, striving for innovation. The ECI Awards is to honour those players who are from the global Ecommerce industry .

The first ECI Awards will be held in Shanghai, China and will be organised by IECIA. Internet Alliance Malaysia has been invited as a key partner in representing Malaysia E-commerce Industry and to promote the award to Malaysian sellers. Thus, we would like to invite all Malaysia E-commerce players to take this challenge to participate in the global competition. It is definitely a great opportunity and there are numerous benefits for players to expand their business to global and gain the international exposure through this event.About IECIAFounded in New York in 2014, IECIA (International E-Commerce Innovation Association) is the first non-profit organization that aims to create a multinational platform to promote innovation in e-commerce.As the current state of e-commerce has emerged to become a global marketplace,As the current state of e-commerce has emerged to become a global marketplace, IECIA’s goal is to grow this organization into a platform that drives and facilitates conversation about the industry in a global setting. International leaders and experts in e-commerce are brought onboard to exchange ideas, present a series of initiatives and discuss the best practices, usability and quality assurance in the e-commerce industry. IECIA also leads a series of initiatives, which includes content sharing, panels and workshops to discuss the current and future state of global mass e-commerce development.In light of the exponential growth and development of e-commerce in China, IECIA is aware of its market importance and understands the need for many Western countries to gain access to it. Therefore, IECIA currently has establishment in Shanghai, China and New York, U.S.A.

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